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I was dragged here by my sister. There was a big hype about this place because of their flower/herb infused lattes. I'll have to say, it's a pretty cute cafe because once you enter, you can see delicate little plants placed all over the cafe. This place started out as an online flower boutique, you... Continue Reading →



An asian-infusion place located on Elgin Street, Ottawa. A fun, unique kick to Chinese cuisine. Their portions are meant to be shareable, so a group of 3 - 4 people is enough to try a variety of items on their menu. They have this killer homemade hot sauce that totally kicks Sriracha's bum. I highly... Continue Reading →

Ichiban Café

As soon as you step into this little café, you're surrounded by the beautiful scent of freshly baked goods. It’s a small scaled, family ran business so don’t expect any extravagant interior designs. When I went, (around 10 a.m. on Easter Monday), they were still baking and getting the store ready for business because their trays... Continue Reading →

Café Morala

If you like a cozy, old-style neighbourhood coffee shop, this is the place for you, but if you prefer modern coffee shops like me then this might not be your cup of coffee. One thing I loved about this coffee shop is that it is located right in Glebe so on a beautiful weathered day,... Continue Reading →

Tamis Café

This sweet find was hidden in the Glebe. We had to walk a little deeper into the side roads to find this gem. I didn't take pictures because I got too excited to stuff my face with whatever I ordered but if you're wondering what it looks like, you can google Tamis Cafe Ottawa and the pictures... Continue Reading →

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