Moulin de Provence

For those who live in Ottawa, Moulin de Provence is extremely well known, but very few people know about their second location (and a much better one, I must say) in the heart of downtown on Metcalfe.

First off, the accent of their interior design is sparklingly clever. I say this because they were able to leverage their high warehouse-esque feel ceiling and transform it into a dainty, elegant atmosphere with lights and accessories.

Their food selection is hugeeeee. My date and I spent a solid 5 minutes just going over their selection. Moulin de Provence have a wide selection in both sweets and savory foods – from cakes, croissants, other pastry items to soups, salads, sandwiches and more!

I ordered a pizza bread and almond croissant to go with my iced coffee while my date ordered a crab salad panini and chocolate cake along with an iced coffee.

My pizza bread was surprisingly good (a little hard around the burnt edges), but it was a good little snack if you have a small stomach but am dying to eat a portion of dessert too. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the almond croissant here because they jam packed it with some sort of almond filling which took away from the natural buttery and flakiness of the croissant. I tried my date’s crab panini and I’ll have to admit, I was skeptical about it at first but it was actually delicious! As for the cake, I was stuffed so I couldn’t take a single bite but my date devoured it within minutes (so I think that means it tasted great).

Loved the coffee. Moulin de Provence partnered up with happy goat so I think all the drip coffee is their product.

In terms of location, it’s right in the office building areas so I definitely wouldn’t come here on the weekdays for lunch but for a weekend lunch date and avoid huge crowd? I would definitely recommend!

Insta: @moulinprovence



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