I’ve been here once before to grab a quick coffee and was quite excited to come back and try their other menu items but unfortunately, I was quite disappointed by them. Don’t get me wrong, my date seemed to have enjoyed himself but I was just not having a good time there.

Before I rant about my experience, let me give you my original spiel:

The atmosphere of the café was great: modern atmosphere, clean environment, classy looking equipment and a huge range of food selection. The location of this café is also great – located at Landsdowne, right in the heart of Glebe. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know I give higher points to cafés with great location.

Anyways, there’s a Winners, Structube, Whole foods, and LINDT right beside the coffee shop. Oh, and there’s also a park/walking area located near the back of Landsdowne so it’s perfect to go for a little stroll after grabbing a drink! I think on Sundays (in the summer), the open space beside the park also transforms into a farmers market! If you’re looking for a fun place to take your date on the weekends, this would be a good place because after you finish exploring Landsdowne, you can either opt to walk along the canal (just behind the park area of Landsdowne) or continue your adventure in the Glebe! So in terms of location, its a 10/10 for me.

My date ordered a coffee and chicken sandwich (NOTE: all their sandwiches come in halves) while I ordered an iced coffee and their Aroma breakfast hash. 

When I got my iced coffee, I went and put my usual shot of milk in there but when I went to take a sip, all I tasted was black tea. I thought the heat had actually turned me silly.. I took a couple more sips and got my date to try it to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind in this heat.. After both agreeing that my iced drink was an iced tea and not an iced coffee, I went back to the cash and asked the barista if what my order was. He told me it was iced coffee. And I was just standing there like am I actually going crazy? I asked the other female barista for a small sample of their iced coffee because I was 99.97% sure what I had in my hand is tea and not coffee. She then asked me if my tea tasted peachy. And I told her I wasn’t sure if it tasted peachy because all I can taste was milk and tea. She gives me a little attitude and tells me that they don’t serve iced tea, only iced green peach tea. As she goes to pour me a small sampler of iced coffee, she grabs the wrong pitcher of iced tea (so obviously, the barista that made me this “coffee” could have made the same mistake too) at first but then puts it back and grabs the other darker liquid filled pitcher. I didn’t even drink the cup yet and just the smell alone told me that the cup I was drinking before was 100% not coffee. Anyways, after that fuss, I got my caffeine.

I waited another 10 minutes for my hash. You see how in this picture there is supposed to be chicken and turkey?

Well, ladies and gents, please take a look at my lovely pic: and no, if you try to argue with me like my date did – those little meat looking things are mushrooms (hungry me is a very unpleasant me..)

After taking two bites, I realized that I didn’t get what I bargained for, but at that point, I was too annoyed to go back up because 1. I don’t want to wait another 10 minutes for them to reproduce this dish and 2. Risk having the lovely attituded (is this even a word?) barista spit in my food.

All in all: good atmosphere and good location but this definitely did not make it in my “come back” book.

Insta: @aromaespressoba



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