Little Victories Coffee Roasters

To all you coffee and bicycling lovers, this is the spot for you!

I was brought to this coffee shop by my two best friends. They knew I’ve been writing a coffee spot blog so they made me a bucket list of cafés to hop through and this was the first one on that list. It’s funny because normally before deciding on what café to go to next, I would creep that shop on instagram or look on Google Reviews to see set my expectations. Since this was recommended by my two of my favourite people, I didn’t even think twice about it!

When my date and I walked in, we were shocked because we both thought we were at the wrong place because it looked as if it was solely a bike shop! But when we did a double take, we found the coffee counter at the front corner of the store. Similar to blumenstudios, the drinks and sweets selection weren’t grand at all. This location only served espresso based drinks and their only two choices of food items were butter croissant and almond croissant. (However, this shop seems to have quite a selection of cute coffee accessories – see featured image)

As for the seating arrangements – it’s a tad better than blumentstudios because there were slightly more space for interaction without a plant, or other human beings evading your personal bubble because they wanted to look at the plants.. They had a table outside as well as 3 other seating locations in the shop – but by no means does this mean you should plan your first date here. Unless you and your date were both die-hard cyclists, please please do not plan your first date here..

My date and I only ordered iced americanos because we were desperately looking for food before my hangryness comes out.. But also, there were no more free spots for us to sit so we decided to get our bare necessities and leave.

Although there is a 99.9% chance I won’t be coming back to this café bike/coffee pit stop specifically for it’s coffee, I have to say, the location of this shop seems pretty awesome. There are all sorts of cute little boutiques and shops around it, anddd I also found a couple of cafés to try in the future while I was on the hunt for food.

Insta: @littlevictoriescoffee


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