I was looking for a small succulent plant for my office and found this cute spot (a florist plus coffee bar)! Their main focus is flower arrangement, bouquets and plants so their choices of café items are extremely limited.

There are multiple plants placed outside their store and entrance so it feels like you’re navigating through a mini Jungle before being able to get inside. It’s hard to explain the feeling but although their interior is a little messy,  there is an odd calming sensation that came over me when I walked in. I think it’s because there was a perfect mix of green with neutral colours and modern potting of the plants that made me feel at ease.

If you plan on having a catch-up session with friends, this isn’t the greatest location because their seating area is very minimal and not an ideal spot to sit and chat for long. Since the main focus of this start-up is floral arrangement, the interior is filled with pots and plants – leaving very little room for anything else.

Despite their small selection of café items, I really liked the layout of their espresso bar (I’m a big sucker for modern design). Everything was neatly organized on display and looked squeaky clean. Note: they do not have drip coffee, they only serve espresso based drinks. 


As usual, my date ordered an Americano while I ordered a latte to go with our baked goodie – oatmeal white chocolate cookie. My date like his Americano, but I found my latte to be a little colder than other lattes I’ve had. On the bright side, the cookie was nice and soft with a good texture.

I was really excited to go check this place out because of all the cool pictures I saw on instagram, but you may be able to tell from my post, I was a little disappointed in this weekend’s adventure because I had very little to say. Overall, I think this would be a good place to come to if you wanted to support a local florist (or if you were looking for a florist that serves coffee), but this didn’t make it on my “come-back” list.

Insta: @blumenstudios


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