Moulin de Provence

For those who live in Ottawa, Moulin de Provence is extremely well known, but very few people know about their second location (and a much better one, I must say) in the heart of downtown on Metcalfe. First off, the accent of their interior design is sparklingly clever. I say this because they were able... Continue Reading →



I've been here once before to grab a quick coffee and was quite excited to come back and try their other menu items but unfortunately, I was quite disappointed by them. Don't get me wrong, my date seemed to have enjoyed himself but I was just not having a good time there. Before I rant... Continue Reading →


I was looking for a small succulent plant for my office and found this cute spot (a florist plus coffee bar)! Their main focus is flower arrangement, bouquets and plants so their choices of café items are extremely limited. There are multiple plants placed outside their store and entrance so it feels like you're navigating... Continue Reading →

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