Art-is-in Bakery

Sorry this post is a little late! It was the great glebe garage sale and the may race weekend this weekend so things were a little cray cray..

Anyways, moving on.. This café was recommended to me by a friend and she insisted that this was a great place to try so I dragged my date to come along with me.

WARNING: for those of you who plan to drive here, you have to pay at the parking meter to park in the parking lot. If you don’t mind walking a couple minutes, I’d recommend you park on the streets then walk over.

When you enter the café, the layout is sort of confusing… they have the coffee bar on the left side of the entrance but the cashier is at the back of the room (I found out later that you have to order your drinks at the cash before you go to the bar to pick up your drinks). Not only that, but they have two separate lines at the cash: one for baked goods and coffee, another for meal items. My friend told me they did brunch on Sundays but I went on a Saturday so I was a little confused as to what was going on (I thought this was just going to be another cute little coffee shop that only served coffee and alternative baked goods). Turns out they do full breakfast and lunch meals! Another thing I would recommend you doing before going is to look at their menu online because if the line is hella long (which was the case when I went) you can barely see the scribbles on the menu board.. you also can’t see their menu on your smartphone because the link to their menu on their website leads you to a document in their Dropbox so unless you have that app downloaded, good luck getting access..

I have awful eyesight so even when I was fifth in line, I still couldn’t read anything on the board.. being the stealthy hopper I am, I snuck up to the front and took pictures of the menu and brought it back to my place in line (see pictures of the menu at the end of this post). My date ordered a roast beef sandwich while I ordered clam chowder with an almond croissant to go with our two drip coffees. After you order, they give you a number card and when your order is prepared, they bring your meal to you. The cashier handed me two empty cups and then moved on to the next person.. Took my brain a couple minutes to realize that I had to go find the drip coffee myself (Tip to make you not look like the fool I was: the drip coffee is by the coffee bar). I wasn’t too hungry because I had a snack earlier that day so I was trying to opt for something light.. their clam chowder is not light.. it’s jam packed with delicious carbs and fresh ingredients!


Another thing I wasn’t too fond of is the circulation inside the building. I believe their kitchen has an open-concept theme going on so the air gets pretty greasy and thick indoors (I’m imagining that the circulation might get pretty bad in the summer with the heat). When I walked out of the café, my clothes smell like they were used to clean the grills. However, they do have an outdoor seating area! *On their website, it says their kitchen closes at 4pm so if you want their menu foods, go before then!

Overall, I loved their food. I thought they were all delicious! But I thought the convenience of this café (in terms of location and layout) isn’t the best. According to Google, they have another location on Wellington called Bread By Us. I think in the future, I may come back for their bread (their bread is delicioussss) if I ever wanted to host wine and cheese at my place or maybe even their kronuts if I was going to a party and I really wanted to impress.

Insta: @artisinbakery


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