Happy Goat Coffee Company

This was an unexpected find. My date and I were looking for a good place to get coffee grinds and in a sub-reddit thread, people spoke very highly of this place so we decided to check it out. The location of this coffee shop – I don’t know if I should call it a shop because it’s more like a warehouse since vendors come to this location to purchase wholesale beans – is different than your typical coffee shop because they’re not located in a busy, retail populated area, but rather, it’s a standalone warehouse that blends in with other manufacture like companies.. *Just did some googling and it turns out that this location is their main office but they have another café (which from the pictures seem a little more coffee shop like) located in Sandyhill.

Nevertheless, their interior design still has a nice, rustic, industrial theme. In the back, there seems to be a stage of some sort so live music or small scale plays probably happens there from time to time. In addition, they serve alcohol, draft beer and wine, and delicious smelling meals. If you like music, here’s a bonus for you: one of the baristas there is a DJ that controls the music (I’m not much of a music person but when I peaked over the counter, I saw the built-in fancy DJ tech with buttons.. not helpful.. I know).18641186_10158731104725301_575123362_o.jpg

Another thing that stood out to me about this coffee place is that their sweet selection is extremely minimal. The choices that day were banana bread, strawberry brownies or pretzels. In the end, we ordered an American and London Fog to go with the strawberry brownie.


We both loved our drinks, but I have to say, we weren’t really impressed by the brownie.


Like I mentioned, the location of this place is a little odd but I checked Google Maps and there is a bus stop 10 mins away from there so if you are curious but have no car, bussing is an option. However, I’ll warn you: unlike the Glebe or Richmond Rd, there are no shops/scenic routes along the way.. It is literally warehouses beside one another so before you bring your date here, make sure they know that. But the good thing about this location is that if you ever wanted a quiet spot to catch up and have deep conversations (or just to enjoy peace and quiet), this would be a happy option.

I’ll definitely go and check out their other location in Sandyhill, but unless I fall madly in love with their coffee beans, I don’t think I’ll be going back to this specific location.

Insta: @happygoatcoffee


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