Red Door Provisions 

After seeing delicious posts about this place on instagram, I just had to check it out! 

Red Door Provisions is a cute little coffee/lunch shop located in Beechwood area. I went on a Saturday morning and like most coffee shops on weekend mornings, it was pretty packed. The layout of the shop is designed to have an exposed kitchen area. RDP is a fairly small shop (they have a small patio outdoors too), so just imagine how hot it got indoors when it was all filled up today. The interior design is quite cozy with the nice mix of a hippie and rustic vibe.. but you won’t be focused on that for long because their choice of desserts and grilled cheese (their Dad Bod grilled cheese was so bomb) is enough to keep you standing there and debating for a solid 15 minutes!

My date and I both got medium roast drip coffees to go along with our Dad Bod grilled cheese. If you can handle jalopenos in the morning, I totally recommend this, but if you’re not a good handler for heat like my date – then I would probably avoid that… but don’t fret! They have tonnnssss of other options.. if grilled cheese isn’t your thing, they also have over night oats, breakfast sandwiches and all sorts of fancy baked goodies! (Froot-loops seemed to be a pretty liked theme in their sweets..)

Bonus: they also sell booze after 11am.. if you ask me, that’d go great with the grilled cheese but then again, what doesn’t booze go well with? (Maybe decisions…) 

Anyhoos! I think I’ll go back in the future to try out some of their baked goodies but I don’t plan on dining in there again.. I mean, their grilled cheese was good, but it wasn’t worth being sweaty for.

Insta: @reddoorprovisions 


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