Uji Café

This location was what they called a “soft opening” – so basically they’re testing out the market to see how consumers will react before deciding to throw big bucks to invest in it big scale. Having said that, the layout of the store isn’t as organized or as fancy as your typical Starbucks location, but rather, it’s more of a cutesy designed atmosphere.

Uji café originated from Japan. The Uji Cafés in Japan are well known for its matcha items – which of course is naturally the theme of this store too. If you like matcha, this is definitely your kind of heaven.. but if you like the typical chocolate cake, muffins or donuts, this might not be a match for you.

Their menu selection isn’t huge, but it’s enough to make you debate for a while. It was a little chilly to order the shaved ice today but I definitely plan on going back to try in on sweatier days! Before you order the cheesecake, this is a Japanese cheesecake so the texture and taste is way different than your typical New York style cheesecake.   

I ordered a slice of Matcha Mille Crepe to go with my Japanese Green Tea while my date ordered a coffee to wash down his order of Matcha cake roll.

Matcha Mille Crepe (left), and Matcha Cake Roll (right)

The line moved slowly because there were only had 3 employees at cash who worked at an order per order pace. So after taking one order, one employee will make the drinks, the other will work on playing desserts while the other built the shaved ice mountain. You also have to bring your dishes to their “dirty dish cart” when you’re finished. The washrooms, I know.. what person judges a place based on their washrooms? I do.. anyways, the washrooms on the basement level had a really bad sewage smell which didn’t travel upstairs but as you go down the stairs.. it hits you almost instantly..

Overall, it was a fun experience but I don’t think I would go back unless I was going to try the shaved ice in the summer.

Insta: @ujicafe


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